Military Divorce Lawyer: A Primer 

Military Divorce Lawyer: A Primer 

I have learned so much in my quest for finding the right military divorce lawyer. Having the help of a military divorce lawyer who understands this specific area of law can help save time, money, and stress. I hear or read in the news that one out of every four marriages in the military end in divorce. I am fortunate that I have found the help of a Military Divorce Lawyer: A Primer who I feel will provide me with excellent representation to help me get through this difficult time.

Military divorce lawyer

Tania is a military divorce lawyer who has handled many cases involving military families stationed in Japan. Tania understands the unique challenges faced by military families. She has even been to Japan to help her clients with the intricacies of the Japanese court system.

If you are a military family and need assistance with a divorce, contact Tania and she will be happy to help with the case and negotiate a settlement on your behalf.

Procedure Of Military divorce 

A military divorce lawyer is a person who specializes in helping military members and their families that are going through a divorce. When a military member is deployable, they can be gone for months or years at a time. When a marriage has gone sour, it is often difficult to carry on any life as a military couple. In these times, it is often best to call a military divorce lawyer who understands the difficulties of this life and can help the family through the legal process.

Seeking a military divorce lawyer can be a difficult process. Below are a few tips to help a person find a military divorce lawyer for their family.

Military Divorce Lawyer: A Primer 
Military Divorce Lawyer: A Primer

Finding a military divorce lawyer  

What are some things military families should consider if they’re thinking of filing a divorce? If you’re considering divorce as an option for your military family, it might be a good idea to consult with a military divorce lawyer. A military divorce lawyer will be familiar with the different laws and regulations that surround military families. For example, it’s important to know that as a military spouse, you’re entitled to receive your military benefits even if you’re not living with your spouse.


Military spouses and families face unique challenges not faced by civilians. If you’re thinking about filing for divorce, then there are a few things you should keep in mind. First of all, you need to follow the rules and protocol on your installation. Can you terminate your marriage? Do you need to file for divorce first? There are some installations that require a waiver to file for a divorce. It’s important to learn the rules and follow them.  Second, some things you should consider are the effects of divorce on your career. Many of your military benefits may change, and you may be required to move to a new duty assignment.  

For military families, divorce is a difficult time. It also brings a lot of financial and legal challenges. It’s important to make sure you’re prepared. When thinking about separation and divorce, military families need to consider some things. One of the most important aspects of military divorce is the issue of government benefits. You need to know how it will affect your family and your finances if one of you moves. 

Child custody

For many years, the Defense Department has been working to protect the children of military parents. In 2015, Defense Secretary Ash Carter announced a new policy. In an effort to afford more stability in children’s lives, the Defense Department will enforce a “presumption” of joint custody in military divorces. Joint custody means that when a civilian and a military spouse divorce, the court will presume that the child of the marriage will reside with the military parent and the civilian parent will have access to visitation and other opportunities to interact and maintain a relationship with their child.

Military Divorce Lawyer in Virginia

Are you a service member stationed in Norfolk and recently separated from your spouse, but now seeking a divorce? Our firm is here to provide you with compassionate and caring representation as we walk you through the litigation process and answer all your questions.

Military Divorce Lawyer: A Primer 
Military Divorce Lawyer: A Primer

Or, we can help with the process of becoming eligible for VA benefits after a conflict or deployment. We are committed to helping you by providing customized services to resolve your legal issues. Our military divorce lawyer in Virginia will provide you with personalized legal counsel to address your unique needs. Serving the Norfolk community, our Military Divorce Lawyer: A Primer has many years of experience in family law. We have an office conveniently located in Virginia Beach to offer same-day services. We are committed to providing

Military Divorce Lawyer In North Carolina

Choosing the right military divorce lawyer is important. One needs to take the time to research the attorneys in their area. A qualified military divorce lawyer would have a lot of experience with military divorces, so they may be the best person to represent you.

The Importance of Military Divorce Lawyer

Military divorce cases are notoriously difficult to navigate due to the complexity of the statute of military laws. This is where an experienced military divorce lawyer can be of assistance. A military divorce lawyer in Georgia will have experience with the unique intricacies of military divorce. A military divorce lawyer can help to ensure that the military spouse is treated fairly and that the children are protected. It is important to have a lawyer with knowledge of military divorce on your side if you are in a military divorce situation. Military Divorce Lawyer: A Primer in Georgia will have experience with the unique intricacies of military divorce.

Divorce is Legal in the Military

The legal aspects of separation during a military tour of duty are complicated. The judge will generally stay in military divorce cases while a spouse is on a military tour of duty unless a court order is obtained. The military will not discharge a service member from the service for “causing a court-martial” if the service member has been ordered to be absent from the United States for more than 90 days. In the event of divorce, military service members should consider how their service may impact on their finances and how alimony and child support may be paid. Military members have a right to have a court-martial within the United States without being discharged from the service so long as they have been ordered away for more than 90 days. Military divorce

How Military Divorce Affects the Children

When two military servicemen are married, their children are often either too young to understand the separation or are too old to want to reconcile. The children are often caught in the middle because they are relying on their parents for support. Military divorce needs to be carefully planned by both the parents for the sake of their children. The blog post must include an introduction, thesis statement, intro sentence, three points, summary, and conclusion.


Military Divorce Lawyer: A Primer 
Military Divorce Lawyer: A Primer

The Effects of Deployment on Children

Few things can impact a family as much as military deployment. Getting children the attention they need is of the utmost importance, but this is difficult to do with an absent parent. The children may not understand why they’re missing their parent, leading to unhappiness. They’ll also experience changes in routine and there may be some changes to their relationship with their classmates. Children also may require more attention than they would otherwise need. If you’re interested in seeking more information on the effects of deployment on children, contact our team of Military Divorce Lawyer: A Primer.

Military Divorce Checklist

It is a hard decision to get a divorce, but it is an important decision if you are in the military. Thanks to the military divorce checklist, you will be able to make the best decision for your situation.

Learn about the different aspects of a military divorce. 

  • Affect your time in the military.
  • How it will affect your family. 
  • Find Out How Affect your finances.
  • What affects your children’s future.
  • Military affect your retirement. 
  • Find out how it will affect your benefits. 
  • Sort out how it will affect your housing.
  • Determine your next steps after reading this article

Talk to a counselor about military divorce lawyers. A counselor is a knowledgeable person who can tell

Divorce Agreement Preparation

The Military Divorce Agreement Preparer Divorce as a military veteran can be a difficult and emotional experience for both spouses. For those who served in the military and were deployed overseas, this process can be more stressful and emotional than someone who has not served. There are many concerns and questions to be discussed and tackled. It is important to make sure you and your spouse know and understand your rights and obligations through the entire divorce process. One of the first hurdles to overcome is the Military Divorce Agreement. This document sets out the financial responsibilities of both spouses and can safeguard your family’s interests during this difficult time. This agreement will help to ensure that you and your spouse are on the same page about how to divide

Divorce and Military Retirement

One of the most challenging aspects for military personnel is retirement. Retiring from the service is different than retiring from any other career. Retiring from the service is often triggered by an involuntary discharge, retirement, or death in service. All of which can be disruptive to your plans for retirement. Most retirees are given approximately one year’s notice. One of the biggest challenges for any military retiree is dealing with divorce. Any divorce, but especially a divorce related to military service, is usually laced with emotional trauma. The divorce process can be stressful and prolonged, which can make things even more difficult for the partners. Military divorces are hard on the children of the marriage too. It is important to know how to best protect your ex

How Our Law Firm Can Help You Get the Results You Want.

Our military divorce lawyers are experts in complex family law issues. We can help you get the best possible results. Contact us now to schedule a

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